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Area Rug Cleaning Services

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At MRI cleaning services, our commitment is to provide you with excellent and efficient solutions to keep your home clean, healthy and safe. For a healthier home for your family, trust our hot carbonating extraction method to provide you with a deep long lasting clean. We understand that our client's priority is that of their health and their family's health; with our methods, your health is our priority.


Our employees are trained at cleaning all types of rugs, from the ordinary rugs in your common area to the distinctive expensive Persian rugs. MRI cleaning services have the best equipment and methods of cleaning for whatever type of rugs you have. Whatever material the rug, it will be carefully cleaned to ensure that it is well maintained and the material well preserved, whether its cotton, silk, synthetic or wool.


At MRI cleaning services, we are well equipped to ensure that the dye within the fibers of your rugs is well maintained. Our equipment and cleaning methods protect the colors within your rug ensuring that they remain vibrant and fresh. We understand that the beauty of your rugs is essential to you, so we strive to ensure that we leave them in the same condition we found them after a good clean. We do not leave behind residue that could harm your rug or cause a quick accumulation of dirt.


Our business thrives because of the excellent rapport we have with our clients, and this is achieved by ensuring that your rug comes back in the same condition as you brought it but clean and vibrant. Our pre-inspection stage ensures that in case there are any previous damages, we both know about them before the cleaning.

Dust Removal

When dust accumulates on your rug, it makes it look old, takes away from the vibrant color. Regular vacuuming at home does not reach the deep into the fibers to clean out the embedded particles. For complete removal of dust, MRI cleaners use compressed air to reach the small microscopic fibers within the rug.



After cleaning, at MRI, we do not leave any residue from our cleaning products so that your rug is well protected from not only the accumulation of dirt but also to ensure that the colors are protected leaving your rug vibrant and full of color. We ensure that the rug is thoroughly rinsed out, to the point of having clean water at the end of the process.


Rugs need special attention to ensure that the fibers are well maintained to serve you for the longest time possible, while at the same time maintaining their beauty. Our drying process ensures that the integrity of the fibers is not compromised. We ensure that the temperature at our drying area is not too hot or too cold, a controlled environment allows the rugs to dry out entirely.

Fringe work and detailing

Any missed blemishes risk not only the beauty of your rugs but also the maintenance of the fiber integrity. Therefore before we deliver your rug, we ensure that there are no missed blemishes or dirt within the rug. Our employees carefully inspect the rug to ensure that we missed nothing throughout the process. MRI cleaners are committed to giving you the best services; we add a personal touch to our services that others might miss.


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