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Auto Detailing Services

For the Best Auto Detailing In Washington,look No Further.


MRI Cleaning Services is your choice for your auto detailing and car care needs. Our skilled technicians use the best products for all the auto detailing needs you have. For a full interior detail, we will provide vacuuming services for all the areas of your car, clean your carpets with shampoo.


We will clean and condition your leather, vent, cup holder, dash, and column. Our auto detailing is thorough reaching even the hard to see areas, the areas between and under your chairs, your pockets and mirrors.


At MRI Cleaning Services, we do not only cover the interior of your car, but we also clean the exterior surfaces. The rims, tires, wheel wells removing all contaminants from the road tar. We also help with your paint removal needs, and the unfortunate scratching on the service, this is achieved through a precise machine polish. MRI Professionals offer hand wax services that help leave your car with a shine.

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