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Hardwood Floor Services

Get An MRI Clean On Your Hardwood Floors


MRI Cleaning Services understands the need to leave your home surfaces looking presesntable and perfect. For your wooden floors to survive the test of time, you need services that will maintain them for decades. Thats the reason you need MRI professionals. we offer services that are specialized to cater for your sensitive wood floors. The services include cleaning, sanitizing and polishing your floors renewing the look on the wood floors in your home.

MRI cleaning services have expert technicians who understand the delicate nature of wooden floors. Our technicians understand that wooden floors need regular professional maintenance to help with their durability. Our services are specially crafted for solid hardwood, linoleum floors,  and vinyl floors. Hardwood floors are prone to damage from dirt and debris, bacteria can also compromise the floors and cause a health hazard.

Our services are well designed to take care of your floors by:

  • Removing dirt, debris, and allergens from pets and bacteria
  • Deep cleaning
  • Sanitizing floors to eliminate bacteria

We use minimum moisture to prevent damage. This adds shine, provides a protective barrier and increase floor lifening. 


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